Take a break from the hectic pace of life and retreat into the tranquil environment at St. Gregory. For a few
precious moments, feel like the world is behind you, your energy revitalised and restored, and step out filled
with a lightness of being.

Pamper yourself with a wide range of face and body treatments and let the healing hands of our therapists
bring you into the state of ultimate relaxation ideal for your mind and body.

Alternatively, experience traditional healing therapies including Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Javanese and Thai, each with its own philosophy of relieving physical ailments and improving your overall
wellbeing. St. Gregory’s traditional therapies are performed by therapists recruited from the countries of
origin to deliver the best in authenticity and quality. 




More than pampering and indulgence, St. Gregory has the greater aim of promoting good health and 
beauty for life. Located on dedicated lifestyle floors, guests of our spas have easy access to 
swimming pools and well-equipped gymnasiums.

Feel the difference at St. Gregory, a one-stop access to overall lifestyle management via quality 
treatments, comprehensive fitness and wellness facilities.




St. Gregory partners with LinC Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore to develop programmes that 
complement your spa and fitness regimes. 

For more information, please call (65) 6505 5755.



Active Ageing

St. Gregory aims to help you keep an active and balanced lifestyle with its health management programmes.

Together with a team of medical and wellness professionals, St. Gregory developed ‘ActiVealth’ (Active Health) – the first holistic health management system built on its four pillars of therapy, fitness, aesthetics and active-ageing to help you look and feel your radiant best.

For more information, please call (65) 6505 5755.